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Poindimie - Traditional Melanesian Hut Visit & Custom Exchange

Your guide will take you to a tribe (to be determined based on availability), where you will first be introduced to make the "coutume" (Customary gesture). The customary gesture based on Melanesian culture is a mark of consolidated attention, which is fulfilled in the greatest simplicity, to an authority of the tribe (Small Chief or Big Chief depending on who is available), or simply to your host.

To establish a special relationship with those who will welcome you to their home and to show your respect for their culture and their traditions, you will be invited to offer a gift* (not included). Beyond the object, it is the thought that counts, and the exchange of words that follow. You will then follow your guide to discover a Melanesian hut, he will give you some information about its construction and its symbolic to the Melanesian culture.

The lifestyle in the tribe, traditional customs and the function of the chiefdom will be also mentioned.

Your guide will take you to visit a yam field (sacred) and you will discover the local flora and medicinal plants. You will also be introduced to grate coconut and launch a fishing net!

The bougna
You will immerse yourself deeper into the tribal culture by participating in the preparation and tasting of the bougna, a traditional Melanesian dish (assortment of local vegetables and meat or fish, sprinkled with fresh coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaves and gently stewed, underground with hot stones).

The gift for the customary gesture ("cloth", tobacco, packet of rice, packet of sugar) is included in the visit and this will be provided to you on the day of the visit. If you want, you are able to bring your own presents (a souvenir of the country, food etc...).

Your activity includes:

  • ​A french speaking guide with translation in English

  • Items required for the customary gesture

  • The visit of a Melanesian hut and yam field

  • Awareness to the Melanesian culture and custom

  • Introduction grating coconut and fishing net casting (grate and net provided)

  • A seasonal fruit basket.

This activity excludes:

  • Transfers between your hotel and the tribe

  • Preparation and tasting of the bougna

  • Handmade woven hat and fresh coconut water.

Important notes:

  • Available every day​​

  • Duration:  approximately 3 hours

  • Activity starts at 9 am or 2 pm

  • Return at 12:30 pm or at 5:30 pm

  • Minimum age: 2 years old.


  • Adult and Child (1 person basis):                           $99 per person                    

  • Adult and Child (2 persons or more basis):          $75 per person

  •  Handmade woven hat and fresh coconut water: $28 per person

  • Bougna lunch:                                                          $62 per person


Prices valid to March 2018


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