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Start your Caledonian adventure here

In 1774, Captain Cook discovered this beautiful tropical paradise – now it’s your turn! Noumea is only 3 hours from Auckland and less than 4 hours from other cities in New Zealand flying with Aircalin & Air New Zealand. Experience true nature surrounded by idyllic beaches that border the largest lagoon in the world. Noumea is also the gateway to the beautiful Isle of Pines and the Loyalty Islands that represent the best of any trip to the South Pacific, with immaculate white sandy shores, crystal clear waters and Kanak traditions. With a range of affordable New Caledonia holiday packages from New Zealand, this is your chance to discover French paradise at your doorstep.



























Founded by the French, Noumea sits south of New Caledonia's main Island 'Grand Terre', and is home to a vast multicultural population. With French influencers food lovers can eat at stylish French restaurants hidden in the Latin Quarter, whilst shoppers can save on the latest Parisian fashions or go bargain hunting for Asian textiles.


Ile des Pins

A relaxing getaway only a short 20-minute flight from Noumea, this breathtaking island, known as the ‘Jewel of the Pacific’, has picture-perfect beaches and private bays just waiting to be discovered.


The Loyalty Islands

Located northeast of the main island of New Caledonia and only a 40 minute flight from Magenta Airport, Noumea. Lifou, Mare, Tiga and Ouvéa, the small islands east of Noumea, make up the Loyalty Islands group. Life here runs at an even slower pace than in Noumea, and is positively Kanak. The islands geology is also distinctive; what were once coral reefs have become dramatic cliffs that rise from the ocean. And the 25 kilometre white sand beach on the atoll of Ouvéa will meet the definition of perfect for even the pickiest beach lover.



Regarded as one of the most beautiful atolls in the South Pacific, only 35km long with a 25km white sand beach, it has a single beach front road bordered with coconut palms facing the lagoon.



Half the size of Lifou at 650sq km, it has a wild beauty with deeply carved cliffs, basalt rocks, dark forests, long undisturbed beaches, numerous caves and pools with an array of fish and turtles.



The largest of the three islands that make up the Loyalty Islands, with 10,000 residents, Lifou has immaculate beaches, precipitous volcanic cliffs, deep tropical forests, immense caves and a long history.


Grande Terre

Grande Terre is the perfect driving destination with being just 400 kms from end to end, having excellent roads which are all sealed and well sign posted plus good facilities and accommodation along the way and most importantly, offering an unbelievable diversity of scenery and experiences: Central Grande Terre offers enriching cultural experiences, coastal scenery and mountain treks. On the West Coast you will discover the « Caledonian Far West », with its large livestock farming domains and its hills covered of niaoulis. On the northern tip of Grande Terre, you will enjoy shimmering hills, small sandy coves and a spread of islets, set in the backdrop of the lagoon. The East Coast presents landscapes of luxuriant forests along a narrow coastal strip inserted between the mountains and the ocean; this is an opportunity to take an extraordinary stroll to meet the Kanak people. Whatever drive itinerary you decide on there will be a wealth of fabulous places to visit. We have listed a number of places of interest below:


  • Voh with its great heart drawn by nature in the mangrove forest. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the lagoon and Heart of Voh by flying over the coast in ULM.


  • Poum in the extreme north has beautiful beaches on the surrounding islets.


  • Hienghene is a lush setting scattered with waterfalls and tribal villages. Cultural showplace of the East Coast and the historic fief of Jean-Marie Tjibaou, the Hienghène region offers many possibilities for exploring, both through its rich natural environment and the omnipresence of Kanak culture.


  • Poindimie is nestled between the sea and the mountains which gives you a great location for diving, walking and horse riding.


  • Pouebo was where James Cook discovered New Caledonia in 1772 and where in 1853 France proclaimed that it had taken possession.


  • Bourail is a lively colonial-area settlement. This is where is held each year the agricultural and craft fair of Bourail (around August 15)

Great South

The Great South, comprising the Mont-Dore and Yaté municipalities, is the most symbolic region for New Caledonia’s three main colours: blue, green and red. From the rainforest to the mining lands there are a thousand shades of green, while the ocean offers a dazzling palette of blues. But if one colour dominates the Great South, it is the specific red soil.


The Great South is also home to the biggest park in New Caledonia, the Blue River Provincial Park. In addition to its natural wealth (giant kaori, the drowned forest...), the park is perfectly suited to VTT, hiking or kayaking, and offers an ideal setting for bathing in the clear waters of the Blue River.


Surface area of the country
18,575 km2
Surface area of the lagoon
24,000 km2
268,767 (2014)
Capital City
Nouméa (approx. 100,000 inhabitants)
French, 28 Kanak languages and 11 dialects. English is widely spoken in the touristic areas.
Time difference
New Zealand +2h (winter time) / +1h (summer time)
CFP Franc (French Pacific Franc)
1NZD = 74.70 XPF 
(valid rates on 15/06/16)
Best time to visit New-Caledonia
From April to November
Average annual temperature
Passport and Visa
A valid passport is required
No vaccinations required 
220 V, 50 Hz
Drinking water
Tap water is safe to drink
+ 687
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