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Loyalty Islands Holiday Packages - New Caledonia Travel

Exclusive Package - 13 Days from $3,890
Fully inclusive package from Auckland 

Maré, Lifou and Ouvéa. Fairy-tale names for fairy-tale islands. The Loyalty Islands feature immaculate white beaches, crystalline waters and Melanesians traditions. Don't think you are going to spend your time on the islands only lazing on the beach! The locals often act as guides to take you fishing, snorkeling or trekking to the corners that are kept secret by the heart of the forest. Be friendly and open, the islanders will welcome you with open arms.

20% Saving - 8 Days from $2,890
Fully inclusive package from Auckland 

Ouvea has been called the ‘island closest to paradise’ by those lucky enough to have stayed there and it’s easy to see why – dazzling blue skies, a beautiful climate, friendly locals and a lagoon which has been registered by UNESCO as part of the world heritage of humanity.  

8 Days from $2,320

Fully inclusive package from Auckland 

Mare Island, in the Loyalty Island group, is still so unchanged by the outside world is remarkable, especially when you consider how close it is to New Zealand – and its proximity to Lifou island, its more well-known neighbour. Maré  island is a former coral atoll which over time has risen and given rise to the Natural Aquarium, the Sink Hole, the honeycombed coral caves, and pools.

8 Days from $2,320

Fully inclusive package from Auckland

Welcome to Lifou! Lifou is one of the three Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia, located to the East of the Grande Terre, only a 40 minute flight from Noumea. Lifou is the largest of the Loyalty Islands and is known as the Island of the Many Faces ("l'Île aux Multiples Visages"). Lifou is truly an island paradise.

8 Days from $2,260

Fully inclusive package from Auckland ✈

Your trip to New Caledonia starts in Nouméa city, you will spend the first three nights in 3-star hotel located opposite the Anse Vata beach and in proximity to numerous restaurants, cafe and shops. On day four, you will travel to Lifou which provide the tropical paradise you can only dream about: Immaculate beaches, precipitous cliffs, deep forests, immense caves, Melanesian culture…

25% Off Accommodation - 11 Days from $3,850

Fully inclusive package from Auckland 


International Flights + 3 Amazing Islands + 10 Nights in Luxury Hotels + All Airport Transfers + 4 Domestic Flights 

This wonderful trip takes in the hustle and bustle of Nouméa together with the beautiful islands of Ouvea and the Isle of Pines.

3 Days from $990

Return Airfares to Ouvea + Return Airport Transfers + 2 Nights in Ouvea Island

Ouvea is called the "island closest to paradise". Imagine 25km of perfect white beach backed with grass, tropical flowers, and thick forest inhabited by the endemic and protected Ouvéa Island green parrot. Look out over an exquisite turquoise lagoon stretching as far as you can see.

3 Days from $920


Return Airfares to Lifou + 3 Day Car Hire + 2 Nights in Lifou Island

Lifou is the largest island in the archipelago of coral atolls known as the Loyalty Islands. Long stretches of white sand beach, small coves, limestone caves, grottos and imposing cliffs give the island one of the most dramatic landscapes in the south pacific.

3 Days from $990

Return Airfares to Mare + 3 Day Car Hire + 2 Nights in Mare Island


The second largest of the Loyalty Islands, Mare Island features outstanding beaches and rich wildlife. Spend 3 days on this south Pacific island and explore its rocky coastline, providing the perfect environment for shy fish and sea turtles. Keep a sharp gaze over the lagoon and try to spot dolphins frolicking in the water.

8 Days from $2,190


4 Domestic Flights + 3 Islands + 7 Nights

Add a touch of perfection to your travel in New Caledonia. The Isle of Pines and Ouvea feature the best of South Pacific Islands, with immaculate white beaches, crystal clear waters and Melanesian culture.

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